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Automatic Production Lines for Dry Mortar, Terracotta Tiles and Plastics

Dedicated to Building Material Machinery Since 1984 30-year mechatronics engineering experience with one National Invention Prize and four National Invention Patents

Automatic Production Lines for Dry Mortar, Terracotta Tiles and Plastics

CONLY is the specialized manufacturer of dry mortar equipment from China. We have led the way with astonishing development in automation and modernization control engineering for processing of powders, particles, fibers and liquids, etc. Based on over 30 years of industrial experience, we offer a myriad of automatic production solutions, covering dry mortar production line, terracotta tile production line, plastic production line, concrete production line and related auxiliary equipment including conveying equipment, mixer, dust filter, level indicator, rotary drum screen, touchscreen console, weighing and packing machine, bulk bag filler, vacuum sealing machine, computer controlled weighing and batching system, intelligent dosing and mixing machine, continuous weighing machine and dense phase pneumatic conveying system, etc. These packaging machinery is not only applicable for automatic production line, but also well-suited for industries of food, chemical and cement, etc. Customized automatic production solutions are also available to fit your exact needs. More

Main Products
    1. Automatic Dry Mortar Production Line

      This dry mortar processing line utilizes pneumatic conveying system to transport materials directly to large silos. The machine is vertically deployed and there are silos, automatic dosing section, mixing system, finished product storage and packing system ...

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    1. Dry Mortar Production Line with Pneumatic Conveying

      Due to outstanding plant automation, our building materials production line only requires four operatives for entire workflow. This smart system is our patent. Featuring PLC and touch screen, this device enables our building material processing system ...

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    1. Dry Mortar Production Line with Bucket Elevator

      This automatic production line needs no operatives and is well-suited for mid-small production plant. Installation is custom to your specific plant areas. This dry mortar production line features small power consumption, because ...

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    1. Automatic Terracotta Tile Production Line

      We adopt PLC and touch screen for accurate control on this clay brick making machine. Electronic components are supplied by Siemens and Mitsubishi, etc. for ensured performance. What’s more, if there are modifications conducted on manufacturing technology or equipment ...

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    1. Automatic Plastic Production Line

      This automatic production line is highly recommended for industries of constructional materials, plastic and chemicals, etc. This plastic manufacturing equipment involves the utilization of pneumatic conveying system. Materials will be transported to silos directly, resulting in compacted ...

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    1. Concrete Production Line

      The concrete mixing plant involves the utilization of vertical dual-shaft structure, thus offering exceptional mixing capacity and effects to all kinds of concrete varying in dryness, hardness, ductility and proportion value. Our concrete production line is fitted with high efficient weighing system and construction aggregate ...

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